Laravel Version: >= Laravel v7.0

PHP Version: >= PHP v7.2.5

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Laravel, MySQL

Module Users: Candidates, Employers, Admin, Staffs

Project Brief

Kukulkan is a job consulting and application tracker system where candidates can update their professional information, upload resumes, and where employers can post job requirements. The consultancy admin and their staffs can manage job requirements and candidates accordingly.



  • Candidates can fill an application form with personal and contact details, experience, education, and upload resume.
  • Employers can fill an application form with personal and contact details and job posting details.


  • Dashboard provides a summary of candidates, employers, and job postings.
  • Candidates and Employers are categorized into three types: Approved, New, and Add.
  • All approved jobs are available to manage.
  • Admin can view, edit, and delete Candidates/Employers/Job details; staff can only view.
  • Follow-up on Candidates is facilitated by status updates.
  • CMS available for site details and basic SEO management.
  • Bulk candidates upload available via CSV file.

Technical Notes

  • No migrations are created since the project is upgraded from Core PHP. So, direct SQL file is used.
  • Eloquent relationships are avoided for better scalability with large data. Raw join queries with query builder are used for faster database reads.
  • Individual requests are created for better server validations.
  • Helper controller is added for single inheritance reuse.
  • Laravel auth ui is used for authentication.
  • Maatwebsite package is used for CSV file parsing.

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